Sunday, August 14, 2011

14 August 2011

Despite how quickly my departure date is coming up, I’ve not actually done that much the last week.

I left the house on Wednesday for the last of our weekly meetings.  It was very different from those with the full group in June.  Liz, Swathi, and I gave our last updates and purged many of our papers and information from our bags.

Afterward, we went to Montree Mall for dinner with Ruku, Prem, and Harish.  I made the mistake of ordering enchiladas.  They lacked cheddar cheese and included noodles and tomato sauce.  I thought it might be more palatable with tortilla chips so I ordered a side of them.  They gave me stale corn papads and billed me Rs 100!

I bought a book and some Carnatic music before heading home. My bus from Majestic sat for 15 minutes before leaving and then took the fly over Silk Board.  I had to walk back to the stop and then catch one of those sketchy private buses back to Bellandur.

Thursday, I intended to leave the house to get reimbursement with Harish.  Prakash at the office, however, said there was no cash and to come back later.  I played on the computer and ate masala dosa and palak bajji for lunch.

Friday, I went into town to meet up with Liz for her last day. We had lunch with Anand and Sinu for the last time at Cool Corner beneath the fly over at Vanivillas Rd.  I had akki roti which was delicious. After lunch, Liz got a short two-wheeler lesson.

Later, after goodbyes at Ajitashri we went to Venkateshji’s to pick up some things and for me to drop off a few.  We had coffee and discussed the retreat that all the full-time volunteers went on last week.

I headed back to Bellandur on the same bus as Liz. Again, the bus waited for 10 minutes at Banashankari for the driver to finish smoking.

Yesterday, I finally got my reimbursement.  The new YFS office is in Konankunte at a huge unfinished concrete building. When I first arrived there a dog came from inside and barked at me and chased me back outside.  I assume that’s how they prevent all the volunteers from seeking reimbursement. Haha!  I asked for just Rs 2000. Easily, I spent over $150 on transport alone, but what am I gonna do with that in rupees in three days.

It was also Raki Bande or however it’s spelled. A local volunteer at the office ties one on for me.  Harish came late and we had juice at Banashankari before saying goodbye.

At home, Nitin and I went and got groceries after he got his tooth filled. We got high and watched Top Gear.  I think that was the confirmation I needed that he and Rokaya should marry.

I woke up late again today except for letting in the maid. I’ll have parotha and sabji for breakfast now.

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