Monday, July 11, 2011

11 July 2011

I seem to be having some difficulty in getting around to writing in this.  I imagine that after  3-4 hours a day of riding a bus around Bangalore that I might not feel up to recording the day’s details.  Luckily, I have moved from the suburbs of Hyderbad (Coxtown) back to the southwest side of town.

The house that I am staying in tonight is unbelievable.  So much granite and so much space.  The puja room is actually a room.  The uncle deals in essential oils and fragrances—seems to be extremely lucrative in India.

Anyway, I began general health screenings in one of my Bosch schools this weekend.  Using Dr. Shubha’s presentation material and Dr. Daya’s advice, I’ve created quite an extensive guide.  The first two days were successful and I look forward to continuing this work.

I also went back to visit my old family.  They’ve moved to JP Nagar 2nd phase.  Aravind seems a bit disappointed with its distance from most everything.  Auntie, too, says that the street is too quiet and that she doesn’t really have any friends there yet.  Apparently the area is wealthy.  In fact, on just Sunday alone both the camel man and the bull man came by looking for donations.  If I wasn’t ashamed of representing the whole of Western culture as an unbathed schlump, I probably would have gone out and gotten my bovine blessing (for a small fee, of course).  The music was good though. It takes some talent to play that huge-ass clarinet/bugle.

I went to yoga again today.  It was actually better than last time but still painful on barely covered granite.

I’m sad to leave my Auntie in Coxtown.  She and I were getting close.  She actually kind of hugged me when I left.  She made ‘so many’ delicious things for me.

Had Taco Bell for lunch yesterday. Absolutely terrible! Punjabi thali for lunch again today.  The guy who works there knows me far too well.

Ramakrishna Ashrama

A bus, like a G6

The Shastri's new house

Aravind's new room

New Kitchen

My host in Srinagar

My host brother in Srinagar

My home in Srinagar

Puja room in Srinagar

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