Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5-6 July 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve been very busy and I’ve even forgotten that I have this journal.  Much seems to have changed since I last wrote.

I am now living in Coxtown with Dr. Daya and his family (parents).  His older brother has married and moved to the UK.  I am staying in his room on the second floor.  It’s an interesting change to have my own floor and to have to lock my door when I leave the house.  The family is an even more orthodox Brahmin one.  I am not allowed in the kitchen and onions are no longer a part of my diet.  The food seems more varied, however.  My auntie occasionally makes north Indian dishes as well.

Work has been quite busy.  While I stayed home my first two days in Coxtown, the rest of my first week was spent mostly on a bus trying to figure out a new route to work.  We had an eye screening Saturday in Byatanarayanapura and a follow-up yesterday.  Sunday was an orientation that lasted all day.  We might have a few more good volunteers, though.

Can’t recal anything else of importance, except that we started yoga…

Sabji, yoghurt, and puris (Coxtown)

The roof in Coxtown


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