Sunday, June 26, 2011

26 June 2011

It seems like an orientation week reunion.  Several of us are back together at the Murthy’s house–-Pragya, Shevani, Liz, Jennie, and me.  In fact, many of us are actually staying the night now.  I guess I am not moving to Coxtown till tomorrow.

Since most of us had the day off, we decided to go to the mall for a movie.  We had a long lunch at the food court.  I actually had two meals—first Chinese and then Indian fried chicken (so good).

After what felt like a day of shopping and wondering around, we finally caught X-Men.  It was really good.  As by tradition, there was an intermission and abbreviated sex scenes.

Yesterday, I finished the last installment of eye screenings at Crescent School.  A staff of some 8 volunteers finished approximately 300 HS students before noon.  All of the local volunteers have been really great.  I have great hope for India’s next generation. The Great Indian Dream was even more evidence of the conscientiousness which is becoming even more prevalent here.  All too often, the acknowledgements of our errors become a political issue in the US.  The speaker from the development foundation was even more adamant.  His presentation during orientation was both inspiring and dooming, and yet refreshing.

I am almost finished with Swami Vivekananda’s A Study of Religion.  It’s actually just a collection of his lectures on universal religion in the US and UK.  It’s made me rethink my atheism.  Perhaps I am more of a Brahmanist.  We’ll see when I return.  Vivekananda does posit correctly that Europeans aren’t so good at religion.  They use it technically or practically like a tractor or something. (His parallel)

Venkateshji just gave me another book to read.  I think I’ll start it next.

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