Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 June 2011 12:50 PM

Today is Sunday and most people are off of work.  Most businesses are also closed.  It has been one week since I have arrived in India and I have already seen and done so many things.

Yesterday I went with Auntie to go visit her brothers and their families.  They all live quite far from Tyagarajnagar—about 40 minutes and Rs 150 by auto.  Their colony is what I would call suburban.  The traffic is light and there is a lot of greenery and parks.

We first went to her brother’s who serves as a priest in the local Hanumantha temple.  This is the same temple that Auntie’s father served in.  There, I had jackfruit for the first time.  Later, I was told by cousin Balu that bears invented the recipe of earing honey and jackfruit together.  We were also served lunch of rice prasad and cucumber sabhar.  For dessert, I had noodles in reduced sweetened milk.  Auntie’s brother, Prasad, was very happy to hear that I knew a couple of mantras.  He gave me a couple of cds to listen to when I return.  During lunch, Prasadji showed me a video of a festival held at Tirupati.  In addition, I was shown many albums of his murthi decorations and creations.

Afterward, we walked a short distance to Auntie’s eldest brother’s home.  He is very well off and has a very large and beautiful home.  There are granite floors, a sunroom, a beautiful puja room, and a bathroom for each bedroom.  Uncleji also has two floors to his home.  There, I spoke with Uncleji for quite some time.  We discussed many things about India, the US, and the unique opportunity and experience that I am having here.  I was able to look through wedding albums and quite a few photos of the grandson.
About dusk we went to visit the Hanumantha Devasthana.  It was a very unique experience.
Tirupati Prasad – Ladoo
Betel Leaves
Cousin Marriage
Turmeric + Lime = Kumkum
Corruption and Colonialism
Urbanization of India

Prasad Uncle's House

Jackfruit Tree

Prasad Uncle cutting jackfruit

Prasad Uncle's Family

Auntie's eldest brother and family

House in suburbs


The deva's feet

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