Friday, June 24, 2011

24 June 2011

I’ve moved out of the Shastri’s home and I am currently staying at the Brigade Apartment Complex in the twin building of the Murthys.

I went with the TFS people today to a wealthy private school in JP Nagar to initiate a Green Club.  There were 80 or so children for 120 minutes and so a bit difficult to engage.  The private school kids tend to be the worst behaved.

Wednesday we went to RV Public School to conduct an eye screening.  I immediately became anxious about the atmosphere there—attitude from teachers, confusion about venue, poorly behaved students, etc…  We then found out after lunch that it wasn’t even a government-funded school.  We had the weekly meeting at Ajitashri for 2 ½ hours.  We each shared an update and plan before the group.

Thursday morning I was due to meet Anand at Rajajeshwari School in Srinivasanagar at 10:30 AM.  At 11:20 AM I decided to find a payphone (still no cell phone).  He had two-wheeler difficulties and so came by auto.  We met with the principal and doctor about Doctors at School.

We set 7 or 8 July as a date for the parental Q&A, etc…  Afterward, we went to Ajitashri and realized there was nothing to be done there. (I did pick up my passport-size photos.)  I walked to the clinic and typed up a letter to the hospital asking for surgery at a reduced price for one of their patients.  A 16- (or 19-) year old needed open heart surgery! I walked back, getting blisters from shoes and had lunch at Shanti Sagar (Hot & Sour Soup and Aloo Parotha).  

Class on Spoken English instruction began late–-long and quasi-helpful.  Dinner in Jayanagar 4th Block with summer interns.  An Italian restaurant name Pascucci’s which promoted ‘Free Wi-fi’ (didn’t happen).  I had spaghetti and (chicken) meatballs.  It was spicy but not that great. (Nausea in middle of the night.)  I’ve decided not to eat non-veg for the rest of the time.  Dessert was delicious though. I had a piece of cake called a B52.

Today was a nice change of pace. Spoke to Parimallaji for some time.  Beautiful view at this locale.

My room in Brigade

Mother and Son at Brigade

Family at Brigade

Private School in JP Nagar

"Brigade Towers"

Monsoon over Bangalore

View of Bangalore

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