Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 2011 9:17 AM

Today is my first day off since my internship began.  It’s very exciting how self-directed my work here is going to be.  As of yesterday, my projects on the health team will include Doctors at School and eye screening in the government schools.  My work in these projects seems to be heavily organizational.  I have a lot of ideas for how I can streamline and work these programs.

In addition to field work on the health team, I have been assigned documentation work with Nele.  I feel confident that I will be kept very busy during my stay here.

I am a little concerned about my internet connectivity.  Having checked my email only once, I have learning that Aging in a Cross-Cultural Perspective has been cancelled as Prof. Lamb is going on medical leave in the fall.  I hope I can find something else appropriate to actually graduate.

Ashwat left last night to visit Tirupati.  I understand that he’s going there because of his new job.  Apparently this temple is surpassed in richness and corruption by the Vatican only.  It’s a six hour drive to the location from Bangalore and requires nearly 24 hours of waiting, travelling, etc… just for some 20 seconds in front of the god.

A few classmates of Aravind’s came over yesterday.  They seemed like very intelligent girls.  Auntie said that both were engineering students.  One, in fact, was going to Chicago for two months of study.

Some things to remember:
Brahmins & garlic
Narsimha & doorways
Holy basil outside your window

Tulasi (Holy Basil) outside my window

The doorway at Tyagaraj Nagar

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