Thursday, June 16, 2011

16 June 2011

I’ve been quite busy the last couple of days.  Most of this week has been spent finding and then seeking permission from government schools in Jayanagar and Basavanagudi.  Swathi and I have been very successful at scheduling the eye screenings.

Tomorrow I will conduct my first eye screening at Crescent School.  It should make for a very interesting start as a result of the unique Muslim flavor of the school.  I hope that perhaps just this brief moment of contact might make some impression on their conception of Americans, etc… Despite the general feeling of unwelcome-ness, I feel that the headmaster there has genuine concern for the well being of his student.  He was quite keen in determining the role of esteem in the lives of impoverished children.

On a similar note, the neighborhood maid stopped by again today.  Apparently, her grandson, who usually accompanies, her saw me today visit his principal at NR Colony GHPS.  He seems undernourished and likely mentally impaired.  His movements and speech were a bit spastic and his mental capacities below average.

Cousin Balu was here at the time and his presence and demeanor reflected an interesting inter-caste/inter-class dynamic.  It seems such constant exposure to poverty and the like will most definitely lead to desensitization.

Balu and I spoke for some time this afternoon, nearly four hours.  We spoke mostly about cultural and religious differences i.e. touching, relationships, Hinduism, etc… but also about growing Chinese influence and the possibilities of war.  Most interestingly, I was asked to provide an analysis of the family—personalities, relationships, etc...

Ate delicious North Indian thali today for lunch.  Bajjis for snack.  Butterscotch drumstick.
Caved and ate KFC yesterday – first meat and probably garlic that I’ve had

Girls waiting at Crescent School

The local maid and grandson 

Me and the maid

Eye screening at Crescent

Eye screening at Crescent

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