Thursday, July 28, 2011

28 July 2011

Well, I’ve finally moved out of my crazy house.  It was a good and interesting experience, but I’m glad it’s over.  Of course, it came at an opportune time.  Apparently, my watching of Sita Sings the Blues or my excessive fb chatting caused the upload/download something to go over on the Internet.  So, because of that, Naidu said that he wouldn’t use the Internet for a week in order to investigate whether the company was overcharging him.  Whatever it was, I’m sure that it was my fault.  I left a Rs 500 note in the showcase to pay for the overcharge.

It was a bit of an awkward exit.  I left when someone came to the door for Raghavendra.  He was sleeping since he’s on the night shift now.  He asked as we walked downstairs, “When did they notify you that you were leaving?”  I said that it was just the night before.  They were always hard to read—I’ve no idea what they thought of me or how they felt about my abrupt exit.

I’m now back at Venkateshji’s.  I spent most of my day at Ajitashri just farting around.  Liz and I ate at Subway again (Liz, Swathi, and I did yesterday).  There we saw some stinky French hippies.  They reeked of patchouli and looked as if India was taking a toll on them.  Apparently, no one eats foot-longs in India.  They can eat a whole plate of rice but a piece of bread is just too much.

Not too much of note otherwise.  There was an interesting little episode in Jayanagar last Saturday.  I went with Swathi to go do a dental hygiene talk for Doctors at School.  It was nice—a litte disorganized (go figure).  The doctor, Dr. Gayatri, was nice and seemed dedicated.  The school was incredibly poor and all standards shared a single roof.  I spoke with one of the teachers for a while about studying India.  She asked why India, and I said that I didn’t know.  She said, “Indian is a good culture.” And I agreed.  After seeing kids trying to mimick my hair, I had them come up and I did it for them.

Venkateshji's Nephew and Son playing Tumbling Monkeys!

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