Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 July 2011

Yesterday, I went and did a Bosch school medical screening at the Police Quarters in Adugodi.  It took three buses to get from Chikkalsandra there and about an hour.  Coxtown to Basavanagudi still seems worse to me.  The school was down at the back of the quarters.  If I hadn’t visited the Shanti Nagar school, I probably would have been too hesitant to wander so far.

Anyway, I arrived at 10:30 AM to chaos.  Anand said, looking quite disheveled, that he was happy to see me there.  The doctors, as usual, were quite terrible.  When I first arrived, they were actually off sitting together somewhere.  Once they actually got to work, their uselessness was further proven through several obvious cases of physical problems being labeled at NAD.  Two particularly bad ones included a cleft palate and some intense skin problem on the hands.  Fairly immediately Anand had me conduct checkups rather than input data.

This school was one of the worst for having kids go crazy at the sight of a foreigner.  Lots of handshakes and salutes turned to actual petting of my hair as I conducted eye screenings.  Nonetheless, the kids were overall happy and helpful.

I just finished inputting the data for these students tonight.  There were 190 students or so that were seen.  The data is not finalized of course.  I received an email from Sinu yesterday complaining about both the format and quality of the data from Lakkasandra School.  That data, in fact, was what I refused to input because of the insane amount of time that I spent playing on excel preparing the followup data for Munichinappa.  

[Omitted Ranting]

On a lighter note, today, Swathi and I attempted to visit the same school from last week in Jayanagar.  The school was closed and we’re still not exactly sure for what reason.  So, instead, we went to a new temple nearby.  It was a nice, intimate temple where I received the full blessings.

Next, I had my first coconut water.  It was alright—the mixture of sweet and salty flavors was certainly different.  Once I finished, I attempted to eat the unripe pulp. I just could not handle the gelatinous texture.

Swathi and I then went to a Jain temple.  It was cool and I got a couple of photos of the outer area.  I should really refresh my memory of Jain philosophy.

After a bit of waiting around we headed to Chamrajpet to see about getting some astrology done.  The person was gone so we just headed to Urvashi Theatre.  We had lunch there and then met up with Rukmini for a Hindi movie—Zindagi Na Milege Dobara.  At intermission, I ran into Aravind.  Bangalore is definitely getting smaller.  For me, it is even giving me some celebrity.  On my commute home, I ran into one of the Brigade ladies from Parimallaji’s Kannada class.  She was very nice and I enjoyed speaking with her for just a little while.  You know me and old ladies.  Her friend asked why I was not staying in Bangalore permanently.  I’m certainly thinking about my future more intensely.  Just today, Swathi and I decided to come back for an MBBS. 

Adugodi Police Quarters GHPS

Me eating tender coconut

Jain Temple

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