Thursday, July 14, 2011

14 July 2011

I’ve moved to Girinagar for the next two weeks.  I’m living with two bachelor brothers from Andhra Pradesh.  They are Telugu speakers and not the usual Brahmin family that I’ve always seemed to live with.  They are, however, still vegetarians but do eat garlic and onion.  Dr. Daya was saying these are avoided because of their aphrodisiac effects.  I say that not seeing or touching girls until marriage is probably enough of an aphrodisiac that food probably has little to no effect.

Today was my first day without the usual Auntie force-fed meal.  I went out and got chocolate cake and mango for breakfast.  I later went and got Maggi and a pomegranate for lunch.  It’s both good and bad to have my independence back.

I worked on the computer for most of today. I’m ready for my Bosching tomorrow.

PS: I almost had close to a full conversation in Kannada today with the man at the mango shop.

Yesterday was the most recent terrorist attack in India.

My room in Girinagar


Dog tied up on the roof


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